Weclome to Car Rental Christchurch, your insider’s guide to the best deals on car hire in the garden city.

As a resident of Christchurch and a seasoned NZ traveller, I’ve taken it upon myself to put together this site to share the best deals and travel secrets with others looking to explore the country in a hired car or campervan.

I’ll even explain how you can get rental cars for free via relocation deals, and in many cases the rental company will even pay for a ferry, insurance and some of your fuel costs.

There’s a huge range in price and quality when it comes to the hire cars in Christchurch, so it’s important to be savvy and understand how things work. Many rental companies also tack on extra fees and you can avoid over-paying if you’re aware of the common tricks.

I’ll be sharing with you reviews of various companies I’ve used and my impressions of each according to price, car quality, service and other factors.

I’ll also break down the best cheap car hire options in Christchurch and explain how Christchurch airport pick up and drop offs work.